Can I pay for the item after shipping?

No. Total amount must be paid before the item is shipped, as B.I.S will keep your money and the item will be dispatched on time.

Does the total amount include customs tax?

No. Custom duties or import taxes are not included in the item price and shipping charges. You will pay customs duty and tax in your country.

How is shipping cost calculated per volume weight?

We use volume and weight when determining the cost of delivery. The volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length x height x width of the package. If the weight of the item is small, the shipping cost will be calculated according to the volume of the item.

I want to buy a large batch of spare parts for my store.

The quantity is not limited. If you would like to purchase a large quantity of spare parts, please send us a list of name spare parts and parts numbers.

What guarantees that I will send the money and receive my goods?

To receive money and not send the goods is absolutely excluded in our company. Even if the product, for one reason or another, was not available, we simply refund you the full amount of its cost.

Have other questions?

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